This line chart shows the sum of the views for the files thats belong to the main category with a 24h span.
Generally the difference of visits between workdays and weekends is quite visible. Sometimes some spikes could lead to a popular event. A growing trend is not always equals to a growing popularity of the category because of file additions.
This statistic is updated every day (max lag time 24h). The data collected here are taken from https://dumps.wikimedia.org/other/mediacounts/daily/. A visit is recorded every time a device download a specific file from a Wikimedia server. So it counts both actual visits, and visits on pages where the file is present (but only if loaded on the device). Actually this is the most precise statistic released by Wikimedia servers.

How to read it
On the horizontal axis we have time, with one day precision. On the vertical axis the total views performed by all files in the category. This axis has logarithmic scale.

How to use it
On the right menu you can order files by views, by median or by name.
On the top bar you can also drill-down to a chosen subdirectory or select your preferred time dimension.