This section show the usage of the media of the main category in Wikimedia projects.
Every time a media is used in a Wikipedia article in any language or in any other sister projects likeWikidata, Wiki source, etc. it counts 1 here. In this page you can investigate about how many files are really used, in which projects and which are the most popular ones.
This statistic is updated every day (max lag time 24h) and represents the actual scenario.

How to read it
On the left a bar chart show the top ten projects that are currently using these files. On the right instead each file is detailed with a link to each page in which is used.

How to use it
On the right menu you can order files by usage or by number of distinct projects or by name.If you click into a file name the correspondent detail will scroll up.
On the top bar you can also drill-down to a chosen subdirectory or select your preferred time dimension.

Use case
At first glance you can understand which linguistic community has used the major part of this files and,maybe, better knows this collection. Moreover you can try to spread some useful files also in other versions of Wikipedia where, today, the usage is smaller.